Super System

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Super System is a book on all aspects of poker that was written by Doyle Brunson over thirty years ago and it remains as relevant today as it was back then, A more recent version of the book called Super System 2 considers some of the more modern aspects of the game and is contains contributions from a number of other poker stars.

Super System deals with several aspects of poker tells, which are a way in which one player can read the other in order to determine how good his hand is and whether or not he is bluffing. Different players can have different tells at different times of a game and one that Brunson favours is monitoring opponents™ heart beats by observing the pulse in their necks.

There are also other ways of reading players and identifying the kind of player who is susceptible to being bluffed, and despite the fundamental logic of the game, in order to win it is necessary, says Brunson, to play the player rather than playing the cards.

In the book he writes about the ideal qualities a poker player should have. Amongst others these include emotional control, self discipline, patience, and stamina. He also describes how many players are superstitious and admits that he feels it to be unlucky to be paid in $50 bills.

Naturally in poker managing money is very important if you are dealing with small or large stakes games. He devotes a substantial section of the book to money management and how to exercise excellent judgement.

Super System is undoubtedly the most influential book ever written on poker and the updates included in Super System 2 describe new strategies that have been developed over the intervening years. Contributors include: Chip Reese, whom Brunson acknowledges as on of the best players in the world; Johnny Chan, who like Brunson is a two times winner of the WSOP; Lyle Berman who is the best Omaha in the world; Bobby Baldwin, the boss of Bellagio; Mike Caro a poker strategist; Jennifer Harmon the top female poker player along with, Danny Niegro, Barry Greenstein and Todd Brunson.

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