Check Raise

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Check-raise happens when you decide to check and you intend to raise in the same bidding round. So if one of the players decides to bet, first check then raise.

Check-raise is worth considering in the following situations:

  • Give your opponent a chance to make a mistake. Low Limit Holdem is a game of mistakes and one should give other players the opportunity to make a mistake, and everyone who decides to call two bets, hoping for say, gut-shot-straight from a mathematical point of view is making a mistake. With this kind of board, the player is sure lose more than one round (excluding a situation when his pot odds justify this sort of game). The players have to pay for their mistakes, alternately make sure that drawing is expensive.
  • While excluding as many players as you can from the game. Sometimes betting is not enough to eliminate a significant amount of players from the game because seeing the next card costs only 1 bet, and their curiosity makes them want to see it.
  • While protecting your own hand. Try to pick starting cards carefully e.g. top pair with a good kicker on the flop – possibly the strongest hand, but its chances of improving in turn and river are minimal.
  • While accumulating as much money as you can in the pot, as you feel your chances of winning are pretty good.
  • While encouraging a player with a weaker hand to continue the game.
  • While trying to win the pot by semi-bluff or by increasing your pot-odds in case of a very good drawing hands e.g. 4 cards to nut flush and 6 players on the flop.

For the Check-Raise to be efficient you must be sure that one of your opponents has decided to bet. In other cases the players receive a Free Card. Check-Raise is used more often in the Internet than in the offline world. It is caused by the fact that this kind of behavior was not allowed or considered at least impolite in Poker Rooms. Using the check-raise by internet players means betting more carefully from the late position in the online world.