texas holdem guide

Flop – the next bidding round

Its free to say that this is the most important part of the game.

In this phase you already have the information of your own cards and about the quality of the three board cards. Many beginners rely on the „it’ll shape up well” adage at this point of the game. They decide to bet, without considering the flop quality, in order to see the next card.

Of course it is a mistake, and sometimes the price of that mistake is higher than you expected.


Many people presume that the situation will improve if one of the three aces or kings will appear in the turn and seeing a suitable board they decide to continue the game.

Assuming that an ace of diamonds appears on the turn, which theoretically is a perfect card. Unfortunately only theoretically. If you don’t see it yet then I’m sorry but I have to tell you that you are in big trouble. 4 flush cards on the board means that you can be practically sure that one of the other players has a stronger hand than you.

It’s a fairly simple example, but it should make you realize that reading the table is a very important feature of a good poker player. You should always think about other player’s hand.

Playing theoretically strong hand not aggressively enough is another fairly common mistake.

First glance at the flop and a pair of aces in your hand and you are thinking "STRONG HAND", but is it really ? Your hand doesn’t have to be the strongest on the flop. In most cases slow-playing is like giving your opponents a present. What will be your situation if a K or Q appears on the turn? And if a 5 or other diamond appears will your hand still seem that strong?

Another example

The flop is a „friendly” board. A pair of aces and an ideal assistant.

A player before us bets and then what?

Most people check in that situation. That’s a mistake, especially when the flop has been viewed by other players besides you. If you won’t raise your giving other players (e.g. with another hand) an opportunity to continue the game cheaply. A reasonable player won’t continue the game with another hand if he will have to pay more than 1 stake for it.

We must remember that our pair is a good hand on the flop but further in the game its value drops. A pair on the flop is a strong hand, a pair on the river is ONLY a pair.