texas holdem guide

Pick an alphabet letter to show definitions:

A - action, add-on, aces full, ace high, aces up, active player, all-in, American airlines, ante

B - back door, bad beat, belly buster, bet, bicycle, big bet, big blind, big slick, blank, blinds, bluff, boat, board cards, bottom pair, bullets, buy in

C - call, calling station, cap, cardroom, case card, change gears, check, chop, community cards, cowboys, cut-off

D - Dead Man’s Hend, Door Card, duce to seven, disconnection protection, duble through, down cards, doyle Brunson, draw lowball, draw poker, ducks

E - Early Position

F - Family Pot, fish, flat call, floorman, flop, flush draw, fold, forced bet, fourth street, free card, freezeout

G - gut shot

H - heads up, high-low, holdem, hole cards, house

I - inside straight

J - jam, jammed pot

K - keep them honest, kicker, kill pot, kojak

L - ladies, late position, limit, limping, loose

M - Main pot, make a move, maniac, middle pair, muck, monster

N - Narrow The Field, No Limit, nuts

O - offsuit, on the bubble, on the come, open – ended straight, open pair, outs, overbet, overcards, over pair

P - paint, pair, pass, pay off, picture cards, pip, play back, pocket cards, pot, put down

Q - Quads, Qualifier

R - rack, rakeback, rag, railbird, rainbow, raise, rake, rank, read, re-buy, river, rush

S - satellite, scare card, second pair, see, set, shark, showdown, side pot, slowplay, solid, suck out

T - tell, tight, tilt, top pair, trap, trips, turn

W - walking sticks, wild card, wired pair

U - under pair, under raise, up card, under the gun