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Adjusting your play to the level of your opponent’s play is one of the most important features of good poker players. Starting cards should be picked differently if the opponents are thinking while playing. when a Sunday gambler sits at the table your play should also be different.

Let’s try to identify some types of players at this point.

The first and most typical division is the division between tight and loose players.

A tight player carefully picks starting cards, and his position at the table is equally important to him. A tight player will not invest in the pot if he sees 72 offs. A tight player will not invest in the pot with a pair of twos in his hand while being in a starting position, a tight player will consider continuing the game only with appropriate conditions.

A loose player is an opposite of a tight player. A loose player simply wants to play the game. if he sees a pair of AA in his hand and 72 offs it’s not important to him. That kind of person thinks that poker is like a lottery and all you need to do in order to win is buy a ticket. Even this simple division allows you to modify the game. When a tight player starts the game from EP you should be very careful. You may easily fold while having AJ or even AQ. You won’t be terribly mistaken if the opponent has at least an AQ auit in his hand. This division should also be a factor while playing on the flop. You and a loose type player on the folp? With this configuration You can forget about bluffing. A loose player won’t hesitate to check even with a weakest hand. I often get the feeling that even if I have shown an AA many players of this type would continue the game hoping to draw for a three or at least two pairs.

Another popular division is the division between aggressive and passive players.

A passive player is a person who apparently lost the raise button. This kind of poker player doesn’t seem to understand that aggression, well used aggression, is a tool significantly improving your results. An extremely passive player will raise only being a 100% sure that he has the strongest hand. Aggressive player are on the other side of the pole. This type of person has his raise button obviously jammed. The most important tool of a aggressive player is bluffing.

Right now you’re probably wondering what type of player should you become? If we were give only one answer to that question the answer would be tight aggressive.

This answer isn’t a 100% accurate, however. To be a good poker player you have to be a chameleon. You have to adjust your play to your opponents.