Pre Flop

texas holdem guide

Low-limit tables are usualy places where players treat poker as a specific lottery. They play many hands hoping to get lucky on the flop, or later. These table have a high flop viewing rate, reaching 40-60%. If you want those kind of games, with players from around the world (gamblers, in most cases) to be benefitial you must be:

Patient, meaning you have to wait for goood starting hands and good circumstances

Aggressive, in most cases you have to play aggressively if you want get strong hands. You must remember that your patience will be rewarded, and it won’t happen if you will play the game with fear.

You shouldn’t consider folding with a pair of aces fearing that others will fold the current round. Always press the raise button if your holding AA. On low-limit tables hardly ever will anyone feel like chcecking whether or not you’re bluffing, it will happen rarely. Most people will think that holding AA or KK is enough to finalize any poker desires. Unfortunately the rules of poker are designed so that you will have to pay for your cards in each round, regardless of their quality. The costs are significant enough to force you to play several other rounds.