texas holdem guide

This is the last bidding round, when all the board cards are visible. Most important skills at this point of the the game are: the ability to continue the game even with a middle hand, which has a chance of winning, or folding cards if you are sure that you’ve lost in order to save the following big bets. This is not an easy task but evaluating the situation enables you to improve yor results.

Before deciding whether to fold or to continue you must ask your self what kind of player is your opponent and if has been drawing for a specific hand. If your opponent is „tight” meaning he does not bluff it will be easier for you to fold the cards. If you feel that your opponent has been inefficiently drawing cards for a specific hand, e.g. nut flush (highest flush) or strit, then even a middle hand can become victorious.

Check-raise is only effitient if you are sure that one of your opponents is going to bet and if your hand is strong, as in other phases of the game. Bluffing is generally ineffectivei. It is mostly a result of low limit player’s curiosity about your hand, the fact that internet players like to bluff which other players know and check quite often. Bluffing can only turn out for a benefit when playing against a strong player who will fold even with a middle or strong hand, especially if the river is a scarry card which is a card raising doubts, a card which could give other players a strong hand. Bad players will always check even with a middle hand.

On the river we should definitvely consider folding when we see that the last card has helped our opponents to raise a strong hand like flush or strit and a raising war ( raising bets) has begun. The more players stay in the game the more stronger our hand should be, in order to win the round - that is the general rule. Especially if another player raised a bet and two or more checked it.

At the end we would like to stress one more time that before making a decision you must pay attenion to he characteristics of other players, board cards and the betting sequence ( the order and height of bets).