Semi blef

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Semi-bluff happens when you call or raise the bet while having probably not the strongest hand (at the moment) but you have enough outs to win the round. Using semi-bluff you also hope that others will fold. The difference between a bluff and a semi-bluff must be stressed properly. After using a bluff the only way you can win is for your opponents to fold. When it comes to semi-blef you can win in two ways: with the outs and when your opponent folds

We will use the following example to picture a semi-bluff.

Our cards:

semi blef


semi blef

In the example above, the decision to raise is partly resulted in the number of outs (nut-flush draw and gut-shot straight draw) and partly the desire to win the round while raising, hoping for the opponents to fold.

Its worth mentioning that semi-bluff is best used ad tight-agressive tables and while playing higher limits it is one of the main tools of the most effitient players. Semi-bluff is a problem with lower limits and loose games because players almost never fold. In the example above players with a W will practically always check your bet. So in most low limits games your goal will be to gather as much money as you can in the pot and not semi bluffing as it is. The key is to dra the winning hand.