texas holdem guide

Slow playing with a strong hand, means checking and calling. The slow game goal is to win as much bidding rounds as you can . It must stressed that many players use slowplaying far too often. Slowplaying shouldn’t be used in the following situations:

· The pot is high
· Freecard may be a threat to your hand
· There’s a lot of week players at your table

Remember that even if you picked you cards perfectly on the flop (flop hit you), your street can lose to a flush or a higher street (or there can be a pot division), flush with a boat, especially if there is a pair on the board and a set with a strit, flush and boat. Don’t make the mistake of many week players who lose much money by slowplaying a hand like threes or sets.

Pick the situations for using slowplaying carefully. Playing against one or two strong players while feeling that raising will make them fold and the pot is still low is that kind of situation. Additionally if the next card will give your opponent a good-second best hand, slowplaying might be a good idea.