Table Pickup

texas holdem guide

Now you know that picking starting cards is important.

You know that your position at the table is important.

You know that…it seems you know it all.

Nonsence. Lest assume that there are 9 other players besides us at the table. Who wins? There is only one answer. In a long-term game the poker room will be the winner. But we want to earn some $ as well.

To improve your chances you must choose places where most poker players make more mistakes than you. This kind of places are tables with single tight aggressive players, and many loose players.

Of course it would be great if we could have the information about the players up front, and then basing on theese information make the decision. Do you want to play at this table or do you keep looking for better conditions. Unfortunatelly it won’t be that easy.

We can gain a general view about the players by looking through the statistics. You choose theese table at wchich viewing rate is the highest t. A high flop viewing rate is a signal, telling you that there are many players who don’t care about their hands quality, and make the decision of starting the game without considering it. A good table is when the flops viewing rate is above 30%. 50, 60, and even 70 % of the flop’s viewing rate is an often case. When you see that kind of places don’t think twice. Remember that time is money. Most of the gamblers at this table may not last too long.

Some of the poker rooms dont give away that kind of information. In this case you need to check the average pot in order to gain the information about player quality. The bigger, the better. One more tip: dont grow attached to one table. These kind of places draw good player like a magnet. And when your not careful the situation might change dramatically.